Custom Application Development

Web Application

In need of a custom web application to serve your business better? Talk to us and we will help to build it.

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Mobile Application

Need more than just a mobile-friendly website? Build a dedicated mobile app to bring more value and recognition for your business.


We also provide solutions such as Low-Fidelity & High-Fidelity Prototyping, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheet scripting and more. Just contact us for more details.

Appmaklr Development Process

How we can help you

Initial conversation

Talk to us about your colonising mars idea and get to know about our team. We will provide consultation and analyse your idea to come up with a work plan and deliverables. No commitment is necessary yet at this stage.

Strategic Planning Formulation

It's hard to accomplish anything without a plan. Upon receiving your project requirements, our team will analyse various business concepts and formulate a strategic plan to keep a realistic timeline for the project.

Visual Design

This is a very interesting stage where we get to design and explore few prototype concepts to your application. We will then discuss and decide on one and improve its overall visual aesthetics.

Code & Hack

Based on the high-fidelity prototype, our team of developers will then begin working the magic on their keyboards, adding features and functions to your application based on the project designs and requirements.

Test & Improve

At this stage, we will test your application with the intend of finding bugs/errors and to make sure it meets the different functional and performance requirements. We treat this as a continuous improvement process.


Yay your application is finally production ready. Get ready to market your app now! 

Continuous support

All is not over yet, we will still provide constant support and close monitoring to your application to ensure high client satisfaction and maintain high standard of the application.

  • Code Quality

    High Code Quality

    We emphasise and care a lot about code quality because we believe bad codes always lead to repercussions such as performance issues, slow response speed, security risks and many more. At Appmaklr, we establish and follow a set of guidelines to write better code and also refactor regularly. 


  • Quality Design

    Quality Design

    We are visual creatures and tend to process visual data better and faster. Sketching a mockup or creating a prototype may sound like a plain simple task, it's definitely not. We focus on the design quality and fine details because we want you to like what you see.

    We  Framer and will be using it mainly to develop mobile application prototype.

  • Continuous Support

    Continuous Support

    Upon completion, we do not just leave everything to you and say goodbye. We provide continuous support to your application and closely monitor for any problems to reduce the impacts to the minimal to your business.

    We provide one month of premium technical support for free.

Don't worry, your idea is safe with us. We will sign a strict NDA if necessary.

We charge either with a fixed development fee or flexible hourly rate.

We listen to your requirements and constantly provide project updates to you.

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